The Escape Plan

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Break free from everyday distractions and commit to a proud September. The Escape Plan is simple, but it ain’t easy: Be active 5 days a week for 4 weeks. You’ll have to trade some screen time for some me time, some URLs for IRLs. That’s ok with us – we want to make tech that gives you a reason to get outside. Now you have 20.

The Escape Plan starts on September 2nd. It’s free to all, and all are welcome. Join now and plan your escape.

The Details

After you join the challenge, focus on your workouts and Strava will take care of the rest. Get moving for at least 15 minutes each day to stay in the game, and every week comes with two optional rest days.

For the first time, any of our 32 activity types will count! So now you can balance your hard days with cross-training adventures or chill yoga sessions. And we know some of you crushers will just be putting the hammer down – same sport, every damn day. That’s cool, too.

Tools of the Trade

How to prepare for your daily escape, and what to do while you're catching your breath.

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Break the news

Customize your social network out-of-office message.

Escape Offline™

We’ll send you “500 Free Hours of Workouts” on CD-ROM in case you still like your digital distractions to come in the mail.

Escape Plan CD-ROM
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Stick to the plan

Post on the original social feed – the fridge! Here’s a printable way to track your progress and stay motivated.

Get a free month of Summit

Commit to The Escape Plan and you'll get 30 free days of Summit to help you pull this thing off. Make the most of your miles and workouts with in-depth analysis tools that track your progress and help you avoid overtraining.

Pace Analysis Screen

Pace Analysis and Power Analysis give in-depth breakdowns of your performance and help you get the most from every workout.

Relative Effort Screen

Are you training too much? Not enough? Take out the guesswork with Relative Effort – a heart rate metric that tracks the intensity of your activities over time and across sport types.

Heart Rate Screen

Working out just by feel or pace can be risky business. Nail that next workout with Heart Rate Zones that help you hit your "just right" tempo.